Other accessories

Please be sure that you pay for the correct loan type so that confirmation of your payment is sent to the volunteer that has been …

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Nappy Trial

Home Trial 10 nappies for 3 weeks €25 including 2 way express post These short term loans are aimed at those wishing to try out …

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Two part systems

Two Part Systems A two part system consists of an inner nappy that is not waterproof (it may be fitted nappy, a flat nappy or …

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All-in-One Nappies

What is an All-in-One nappy? An All in One nappy has some form of waterproofing on the outside and an absorbent “insert” attached on the inside. These …

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Pocket Nappies

What is a pocket nappy? A pocket nappy comes in two parts: an outer part that has a pocket in it and some absorbent “inserts” …

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Illustration showing a Fitted nappy

One Part Systems

Advantages A nappy change is pretty similar to changing a disposable nappy since any boosters are already in or part of the nappy. Most caregivers can cope …

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