Nappy Types

There are two main types of nappy systems each with a variety of designs and then particular brands have additional features. There are a lot …

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Bins & Smells

(EEEEEeeeeewwwWWWW) Click on the pic to read more out this!! This picture shows enough cloth nappies for full time use, birth to potty on the …

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Buying & Selling Preloved Nappies

On Facebook: Cloth Nappy Chat Group (Ireland): this closed facebook group is your connection to lots of other parents using cloth nappies. Opinions and experiences are shared, questions are …

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Where to buy nappies?

Buying cloth nappies? Step 1: Deciding that you want to use cloth nappies. Step 2: Deciding which ones you want to use. STEP 3: Buying …

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