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Home Trial

10 nappies for 3 weeks

€25 including 2 way express post

These short term loans are aimed at those wishing to try out cloth nappies for the first time -for a taste of cloth nappies without making any huge investment. It is also a good way for experienced users to compare fit, absorbency and other features of individual nappy brands before investing in new nappies. You can request particular brands, nappy types, try vastly different nappy options or we can advise to meet your particular needs. Christine and Chloe are currently looking after home trial nappy loans (on a voluntary basis) and will be in touch with you soon once you fill the form.

Please let us know what your priorities are:

  • organic materials
  • quick drying
  • convenient to change
  • heavy wetter
  • night time nappies
  • economic options

Please let us know if you have additional needs or a challenge for us & we’ll do our best to help in any way that we can.

Local Libraries

Local libraries are the way forward for the cloth nappy library for a number of reasons. We encourage you to look for your local library where possible or indeed to get in touch to express an interest in setting up some local supports in your area!

With Local Libraries:

  • We can offer a better price on loans when we don’t need to cover postage costs or paypal fees.
  • We can offer better support as you start out with your loan – you can have a look at the nappies and talk to someone in person who can answer any of your questions.
  • With local nappuccinos you have a chance to meet up with other families using cloth nappies and learn from each other. You never know what other good ideas might crop up (slings often get a mention) and it can simply be nice to meet up with other parents in your area!
  • A local meet up gives you the chance to support others and share your experience with those starting out with cloth nappies -this can be very rewarding.

Find your local library and borrow nappies locally to skip the waiting list on loans by post! (You can put your name down for both if you like!)


 You should receive confirmation that we have received your request by e-mail immediately.
It may take a few days for the appropriate volunteer to get back to you -please contact the main library account if it’s been more than a few days.

Prepaid postage:
We use prepaid express post labels from An Post as these are good value, they insure our nappies adequately for their postal journey and we can track parcels if there are delays. Please use our included postage label to return the nappies or contact us where other arrangements need to be made. Due to the overall value of the nappy loan kits unregistered post should not be used. Registered post can cost quite a bit more than our postage arrangements.

Please make full arrangements for your loan before making your payment here.

Frequently Asked Questions


We wash nappies at 60 degrees and sanitize them to ensure that they are hygienic and safe for your baby to use. We provide washing instructions for you which will vary slightly depending on the nappies you are borrowing. We recommend a pre-wash in your own washing powder (not liquid) to ensure that baby’s skin does not react to a different detergent.

What nappies can I borrow?

We will talk you through the options (by e-mail) and let you know what is available to borrow at the moment. You may know exactly what you want to try out or you may need us to suggest a few appropriate options.


We offer a very competitive rate because we want you to be able to compare and contrast to see what you like, what works for your baby and what is most practical for you to wash and dry. The fee covers postage, laundry and we add a little so we can replace nappies over time.
We are a non-profit organisation and trust that you will return our nappies for others to try too. We don’t ask for a deposit.

Lost or damaged nappies will need to be replaced -we will let you know the “preloved” value of any lost or damaged napp

Can I borrow nappies in person?

Since 2014 it has been possible to borrow nappies from local libraries in some counties at nappuccinos! We are working hard to expand this to more counties in 2015 and beyond. (All our demo nappies are new and unworn and cannot therefore be borrowed.) Check here to see if your county has a local library yet:


Returning the nappies?

You will need to return your (clean) loan nappies to us by post or in person.

  • For nappies sent to you by post we will include your return post label. Please attach and return nappies after your two week trial.
  • Nappies that you collected in person can be returned in person or alternatively by registered post with An Post. If you would like to avail of the library’s arrangements with An Post we will be able to include a postage label for return post, so please ask as you make collection arrangements.

Please contact us and let us know if there is any delay -it may be possible to extend your trial. Please do not send nappies by unregistered post as they are valuable and costly to replace if lost.

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