So you're curious about Cloth Nappies?

Are you ready to find out what a modern cloth nappy is really all about?

You’ve taken the first step to the fluffy side, we are here to guide and support you all the way if you choose to give cloth a go and we really hope you do as the benefits might surprise you! 

But don’t take our word for it, check out the video below taken at a recent Nappucino (a coffee morning where you get to chat to our volunteers and see and feel a modern cloth nappy) in Maynooth for RTE and find out why so many parents are making the switch to real nappies!

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Nominated for Save Our Planet Award, 2014!!

We are very proud to have been nominated for this award in the “Awareness rising, Education, Campaigning” category.


Green Award finalists, 2014!!

We were delighted to have been shortlisted for The Green Corporate Citizen Award in April 2014!

Local libraries do a monthly nappuccino where you can see various cloth nappies, ask questions and borrow a kit to try at home.

The best way to find out whether cloth nappies will suit your baby and your lifestyle is to try them out. Our postal loans cater for newborns, right up to toddlerhood and beyond!

Why use cloth nappies? Beginner’s Guide! Why so many different types? How do they work? Laundry! Jargon! Where do I buy nappies?
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