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Try Before You Buy - Nappy Loan Kits for Every Baby!

Welcome to the Cloth Nappy Library, your gateway to discovering the wonders of cloth diapering without any commitment to purchase. As an Irish non-profit organization, we’re dedicated to introducing you to the convenience and eco-friendliness of cloth nappies through our Nappy Loan Kits. These kits are specially designed for parents who want to explore this sustainable option.

Local loans start as little as €20.
The kit includes over 15 nappies of different types and brands to try out for three weeks before you invest. Experience the comfort and eco-consciousness of cloth nappies without breaking the bank. Make an informed choice for your baby’s well-being and the environment today!

Read what other parents who use the Library have to say....

“The loan service provided an excellent opportunity for us to explore sustainable cloth nappy options. The diverse range of high-quality cloth nappies allowed us to test different styles and brands, helping us find the most comfortable and effective solution for our baby. The straightforward process and knowledgeable volunteers made it all so easy  to fit into our busy family lifestyle.”  – Suzi

“Using the library made our transition to eco-friendly cloth nappies seamless, providing a wide array of quality options and excellent support with the online workshop with Franca, Facebook cloth nappy community group   and the WhatsApp group.” –  Grainne

“The cloth nappy library loan was  a game-changer for us. Trying out various brands without committing to a purchase allowed us to  find the perfect fit for our baby, making it more sustainable and cost-effective.”  – Joanne

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