Two part systems

Two Part Systems A two part system consists of an inner nappy that is not waterproof (it may be fitted nappy, a flat nappy or a prefold) and  they need a water proof layer that may be referred to as an outer layer, a cover, a wrap or a shell. This design is intended to …

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All-in-One Nappies

What is an All-in-One nappy? An All in One nappy has some form of waterproofing on the outside and an absorbent “insert” attached on the inside. These are considered a “one part system”.  Some “all in one” nappies allow the insert to be snapped in and out -sometimes this is referred to as a “snap in one” …

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Pocket Nappies

What is a pocket nappy? A pocket nappy comes in two parts: an outer part that has a pocket in it and some absorbent “inserts” to go in the pocket. These are considered a “one part system”. Easy to change: The pockets can be “stuffed” well in advance of a nappy change so nappies can be stored …

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One Part Systems

Advantages A nappy change is pretty similar to changing a disposable nappy since any boosters are already in or part of the nappy. Most caregivers can cope easily with these nappies and changing is fast for babies who like to wiggle or don’t like to be changed. Although these nappies are a little bulkier than disposables, they are …

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Illustration showing a Fitted nappy

Nappy Types

There are two main types of nappy systems each with a variety of designs and then particular brands have additional features. There are a lot of terms to keep up with and it’s far from simple. We aim to help you to compare different nappy designs and features so you can make an informed choice …

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Bins & Smells

(EEEEEeeeeewwwWWWW) Click on the pic to read more out this!! This picture shows enough cloth nappies for full time use, birth to potty on the left on the little table. On the right it shows the nappies that would fill your bin and end up in a landfill over that time. We thought about doing …

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