Donating to the Cloth Nappy Library

The Cloth Nappy Library Ireland running costs are entirely self-funded, our volunteers give their time each month, free of charge, to support new parents starting their cloth nappy journey. We greatly welcome any financial donation, however small, that would contribute to supporting our work. These donations help us to continue to provide our service to families all around Ireland. 

You can give a financial donation through the secure link below. Thank you. 


Donating Nappies

Please note we may not always accept nappies – but we would be very happy to accept any funds generated from the private sale of nappies. 

If you have some nappies you never used or have nappies you bought new and are no longer using, if they are still in excellent condition and you wish to donate to us, we are delighted to accept and put them to good use.

  • Unused nappies that are currently on the market can be used to stock demo kits and are shown at relevant events and local demos nationwide.
  • Used nappies in excellent used condition that are currently on the market, are used in our home trials or where sizes are appropriate are used in newborn loan kits. 
  • Nappies that are not currently available to purchase are unfortunately not accepted.

We greatly appreciate all donations to the Cloth Nappy Library Ireland.

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