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Home Trial 10 nappies for 3 weeks

€25 including 2 way express post

These short term loans are aimed at those wishing to try out cloth nappies for the first time -for a taste of cloth nappies without making any huge investment. It is also a good way for experienced users to compare fit, absorbency and other features of individual nappy brands before investing in new nappies. You can request particular brands, nappy types, try vastly different nappy options or we can advise to meet your particular needs. Christine and Chloe are currently looking after home trial nappy loans (on a voluntary basis) and will be in touch with you soon once you fill the form.

Local libraries do a monthly nappuccino where you can see various cloth nappies, ask questions and borrow a kit to try at home.

The best way to find out whether cloth nappies will suit your baby and your lifestyle is to try them out. Our postal loans cater for newborns, right up to toddlerhood and beyond!

Why use cloth nappies? Beginner’s Guide! Why so many different types? How do they work? Laundry! Jargon! Where do I buy nappies?
Library donation!

We are being rolled out across the country

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