How Cloth Nappy Loans Work

Borrowing a Cloth Nappy Kit to try at home

Our cloth nappy loans are for parents who would like to  try out cloth nappies for the first time  – to get a taste of cloth nappies without making any huge financial investment. It is also a good way for experienced users to compare fit, absorbency and other features of individual nappy brands before investing in new nappies. If you already have some nappies but need to buy more – borrow a loan kit first to try out the options and help you decide. 

Our cloth nappy loan kits come in two different size options: 

1. 10 lbs cloth nappy loan kits –  These are suitable for babies who are 10lbs +. These loans are for 3 weeks and include 15 nappies and a selection of accessories. These loans are full of One Size or Birth to Potty nappies. Our 10lbs Loans are postal or pick up. 

2. Newborn cloth nappy loan kits  – These are suitable from birth. These loans are for 6 weeks and include 25 nappies and a selection of accessories.  These are ideal if you already have some One Size or Birth to Potty nappies but don’t want to invest in the cost of buying your own Newborn nappies. Book one of Newborn kits to cover you for the early weeks. Our Newborn loans are primarily postal. 

Did you know we provide local Pick up loans or postal Loans nationwide?

In this video you will see that its never been easier to try cloth nappies using our loan booking system, book today and connect with a supportive community of like minded parents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For a newborn loan kit, we recommend booking the loan kit to arrive a week before your due date. This will give you time to have a look through it and see whats what and ask any questions before your little one arrives. 

For a One Size kit for a bigger baby, book it at a time thats convient for you – there may be some trial and error at the start as you try the different brands and styles to find what works best for your baby. 

If your baby arrives early and you already have your cloth nappy loan booked – you can email us and we are happy to change your dates to bring it forward or delay it. 

We can extend your loan period if you would like a few extra weeks to give them a try. (Provided the loan kit has not been booked by another family for the same dates) 

Yes!! We have a fabulous community of cloth nappy parents who will be happy to help you. You can reach out with any questions or share any “fit check” pictures with our Whats App Support Group or our Facebook Chat Group.

We host a monthly  virtual online Workshop where one of our Volunteers will demonstrate different types of nappies and answer questions – we highly recommend joining one before or during your cloth nappy loan. See the latest Workshop dates here

Yes – all our cloth nappy loan kits are kept in immaculate condition. They are rewashed by one of our cloth nappy volunteers in-between each loan so you will recieve a loan kit which is clean and ready to use.

If something gets damaged or misplaced please be sure to let us know – we aim to keep our loan kits of a high standard. Contact us on and we can arrange to remedy the damaged item. 

If you have a local pick up loan, you can arrange to return it to the local volunteer at a time and location agreed between you that suits. 

If you have a postal loan, you will get a return postal label with your cloth kit. When you are finished, add your return label and bring it to your local post office. 

If you have misplaced your return label there is a €5 charge for a replacement. Please email and we will organise a new label to be posted to you.

Longterm loan kit labels (6 months) will be posted towards the end of your loan period.

Remember, one nappy at a time. Don't pressure yourself to be perfect or go full time. Lots of parents combination nappy - do what suits you and your family!

Read what parents who use the library have to say....

“The cloth nappy library loan was  a game-changer for us. Trying out various brands without committing to a purchase allowed us to       find the perfect fit for our baby, making it more sustainable and cost-effective.”  –                      Joanne

“Using the library made our transition to eco-friendly cloth nappies seamless, providing a wide array of quality options and excellent support with the online workshop with Franca, Facebook cloth nappy community group   and the WhatsApp group.” –  Grainne

“The loan service provided an excellent opportunity for us to explore sustainable cloth nappy options. The diverse range of high-quality cloth nappies allowed us to test different styles and brands, helping us find the most comfortable and effective solution for our baby. The straightforward process and knowledgeable volunteers made it all so easy  to fit into our busy family lifestyle.”  – Suzi

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