Cloth Nappy Storage


This picture shows enough cloth nappies for full time use, birth to potty on the left on the little table. On the right it shows the nappies that would fill your bin and end up in a landfill over that time.
We thought about doing a similar display somewhere very public for Real Nappy Week until we realized that it would cost a whopping €1000 to buy all those disposable nappies!!
70 stinkies a fortnight!
5 nappies a day in the bin, 7 days a week tots up to 35 nappies a week, or 70 for a fortnightly collection. That’s quite a bit of bin space and not a good smell in the yard!! Savings on bin charges can be made by those who pay by weight, reducing bin size may be a possibility or you should simply find enough space in the bin for other things when you are using cloth nappies.

Not as smelly in cloth?
Many people using cloth nappies report less smelly nappies (dirty or wet) than when using disposable nappies. This one we can’t quite explain but it’s been said over and over again! Poos have been missed -you simply have to look sometimes!!!

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