Cloth Nappy Types





There are two main types of nappy systems each with a variety of designs and then particular brands have additional features. There are a lot of terms to keep up with and it’s far from simple. We aim to help you to compare different nappy designs and features so you can make an informed choice about the type of nappy you are interested in.

One Part Systems

These are nappy systems that are designed for simplicity and convenience. A nappy change is similar to that of a disposable nappy. 

Two Part Systems

These nappies consists of two parts that are put on baby separately: An inner nappy that is not water proof & a water proof outer layer.

Pocket Nappies

A pocket nappy comes in two parts: an outer part that has a pocket in it and  some “boosters” to go in the pocket. The pockets can be “stuffed” quickly and well in advance of a nappy change so nappies can be stored “ready to go”!

Fitted Nappies

A “fitted nappy” is one option for the inner part of a two part system. It is  shaped quite like a disposable nappy or some of the other cloth nappy options, but it is not water proof and hence the need for a wrap. 

All in One Nappies

An all-in-one nappy comes in one part: “boosters” are stuck to the outer part of  the nappy. Additional  boosters can usually be added as necessary. This nappy is  “ready to go” as soon as it’s dried.

Flat Nappies

A “flat nappy” is one option for the inner part of a two part system. It is not shaped and you may need to fold some types (called a prefold). It is not water proof and hence the need for a wrap.

Pre-flat Nappies

Preflat Nappy

A “Pre Flat Nappy” is similar to a “flat nappy” but it comes in a pre-cut shape that makes it easy to close around the babies hips. Hold it in place with a nappy nippa. Available in a selection of absorbent materials. It requires a cover over the outside. 

Nappy Covers or Wraps

Nappy Cover wrap

A “nappy cover or wrap” is a waterproof shell part that is fitted over a fitted nappy, a flat or pre-flat nappy. The cover dries quickly and can be reused multiple times before washing (provided it is not soiled). It contains no absorbency. 

Hybrid Nappies

A hybrid nappy is designed to allow you to use a disposable insert instead of a  reusable insert in the outer “shell” if you wish. This can be convenient for traveling or holidays. Hybrid nappies usually resemble one of the above nappy types in other respects.

All-in-two Nappies

An all-in-two nappy consists of an inner nappy and a cover. The nappy can be attached to the cover by means of a flap or snaps, so a nappy change does not involve putting on two separate parts. Covers must be matched to the correct insert to make use of this advantage, but they can usually fit over other inserts too. Like other two part systems, covers do not need to be washed at every change.

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