What is a pocket nappy?

A pocket nappy comes in two parts: an outer part that has a pocket in it and some absorbent “inserts” to go in the pocket. These are considered a “one part system”.

  • Easy to change: The pockets can be “stuffed” well in advance of a nappy change so nappies can be stored “ready to go”.  Extra “boosters” (more inserts) can be added for additional absorbency where necessary. 
  • Washing: You’ll need to wash the entire nappy after every use.
  • Drying: boosters can be removed for drying and the pocket will usually dry faster than the more absorbent inserts and boosters.
  • Number: You’ll need 20-24 nappies for full time use. You may prefer to use other nappy types for nighttime. 

The options:

Pocket nappies vary between brands:

  • Sizes: Some brands offer a “Birth-to-Potty” or “one size” nappy -the size can be adjusted using “snaps”. Other brands will have sized nappies: you will need to select a size based on baby’s weight, each brand will have it’s own size guide. Some brands have a both a sized and birth-to-potty option. Sized nappies will usually cost less but you’ll need to buy gain as your baby grows.
  • Closing: Snaps (poppers) and velcro (hook and loop) closings both have their advantages and personal preference plays a strong part in which you should opt for. Velcro is faster to change. Snaps are more secure and longer lasting.
  • Materials: outer waterproofing materials vary (PUL and Minky are most common) and inner materials will vary too. Consider the material that will be closest to your baby’s skin. Most nappies will come with the necessary inserts -but you many prefer different materials to those included. Some brands give options.
  • Design: colours and patterns may not seem very important when you are considering cloth nappies but the cuteness factor usually takes over at some stage. Some brands come in all sorts of patterns and designs. Custom pocket nappies are a possibility.
  • Price: Prices vary greatly between brands. A pocket nappy is usually between €10 and 20. “Cheapies” are also available.
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